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Bisi Alimi comes for Pastor Adeboye, calls him irresponsible and vile

Nigerian gay and HIV rights activist, Bisi Alimi has taken to his social media handle to call out Pastor Enoch Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG).

It is no longer news that Bisi Alimi has nothing good to say about Christianity in Nigeria and he does not shy away from calling out the so called men of God saying they are all fraudulent.

The gay activist took to his social media handle to call out Pastor Adeboye of the RCCG, labelling the cleric as "vile and irresponsible" as well as accusing him of using 'tithe' money to buy private jet.

Calling Pastor Adeboye a "thief and rogue", Alimi said Adeboye in March 2009 according to reports from Forbes spent $30 million on a Gulfstream jet not minding great criticisms surroundingthe purchase considering the fact that he had no job aside being a pastor.

He also claimed that Forbes estimated the clergy’s worth at 39 to 65 million dollars in a country of poor people.

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