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Uche Maduagwu comes for Bisi Alimi for blasting Pastor Adeboye

Following Bisi Alimi’s tweets calling out Pastor Enoch Adeboye and labelling the cleric as vile, irresponsible as well as other names; self- acclaimed Nollywood star, Uche Maduagwu has slammed the Gay rights activist.

The self-acclaimed Nollywood best actor shared the photo below and wrote;

“If you say pastor Adeboye is irresponsible, then you are incredibly abominable too @bisialimi #Look at this cretin that thinks with his anus, so you too have joined your “yoyo” #friend to criticizing men of God abi? Wetin person no go see for #naija. It’s only in #Nigeria that people who #swim in the pool of adultery and those who perpetually think with their colorful anus, boldly point accusing fingers at pastors".

"But can we really blame these #guys? If a “mad person” is #dancing on the street and people ignore him, he would eventually stop, but when little #children are clapping and singing for such a “mad person”, he’ll think everyday is #Christmas. Honestly, i never knew a day like this would come when someone like @bisialimi would also put on his Almighty diapers to shamelessly insult an elderly #pastor, who is old enough to be his #father. It means the leakages on your buttocks has finally beclouded your sense of reasoning. You don’t need counseling dear, you need deliverance with cane, rubbish".


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