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Buhari has achieved more in 2 and a half years than Obasanjo did in 8 – Itse Sagay

Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee on Anti-Corruption (PACAC), Itse Sagay has said Buhari has achieved more in 2 and a half years than what Obasanjo achieved  in 8 years.

Itse Sagay said this while reacting to Buhari’s call that President Buhari should not run a second term because he has failed in major areas of leadership.

Itse Sagay who spoke with Channels TV stated that the 2 years and half Buhari has spent in office has by far achieved greater height than what former President Obasanjo achieved for the 8 years he led Nigeria.

He insisted that Obasanjo has no right to criticise the government, as he didn’t achieve much during his terms as president.

Scoring the Buhari-led administration, Obasanjo, had said that while credit must be given to Buhari on strides made in fighting corruption and insurgency, there are other areas where he has failed and these include nepotism, passing the blame and  internal politics.

Meanwhile, the Federal Government had released a statement opposing Obasanjo’s claims, revealing he is mistaken on his belief that the economy has taken a low turn during the Buhari administration.





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