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Ubi Franklin and estranged wife, Lilian Esoro step out together

It’s either Lillian Esoro and Ubi Franklin are getting back together or that they are just perfect at co-parenting their son, Jayden.

Lilian Esoro and Ubi Franklin were pictured together alongside their son for a birthday party.

The estranged couple stepped out with their son, Jayden for the first birthday party of Prince Chimeguzola Arthur-Paul Anyaso son of Billionaire businessman, Chima Anyaso, and wife, Ada.

Meanwhile OAP daddy Freeze shared a photo of Chima Anyanso, his wife, Ada, Lilian Esoro, Ubi Franklin and Jayden while stating that Lilian and Ubi look good together and that they love each other.

This might be a sign that they are looking at re-uniting.

However, when Ubi Franklin celebrated his birthday a few days ago, Lilian had taken to her social media handle to wish him well  

‘Happy birthday guy. More blessings’ she wrote.

Lilian and Ubi’s marital woes allegedly started after the actress found out that her estranged husband had an affair while engaged to her.

The affair led to the birth of his daughter with his US-based baby mama, and Ubi Franklin allegedly concealed the entire incident from Lilian; only to reveal it to her after their marriage – this reportedly led to their marriage break down.

Also, a filmmaker who is a close friend to Lilian Esoro, who pleaded anonymity back in 2016 revealed what led to Ubi Franklin’s failed marriage to the actress.

The source revealed that the actress always complained about how distanced her husband was.

“He never showed up in any of her filming locations and this was often a thing of worry for Lilian,” he said.

Other reports claimed infidelity and physical abuse as other reasons their wedding packed months ago, immediately their son Jayden was born.

And it was also reported once that Lilian wanted to marry another Nollywood actor who is now married, but opted for Ubi who was a backup plan from the start. And their marriage is said to be loveless from the beginning.

While another claim alleged that Ubi Franklin wasn’t even plan B as she has always been the girlfriend of a very successful comedian.

However, Entertainment commentators say Lilian Esoro said no when Ubi initially proposed to her but he did all he can to convince her including her family as he was overly generous to them.



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