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‘Corruption will return, Nigeria will go 10 steps backwards if Buhari loses in 2019’ -Rotimi Amaechi says

Minister of transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, disclosed that Nigeria will go 10 steps backwards if Buhari and APC loses in 2019.

The former director of campaign for President Buhari in the 2015 election, Rotimi says though there have been mistakes, however no human being is above making mistakes.

The Rivers State former governor states that if Buhari loses election come 2019, then the young ones are taking the country 10 steps backwards into corruption.

 “For any reason we lose election, you the young ones are taking yourselves and Nigeria 10 steps backwards because the elites who left to through PDP are waiting in the wind. Are we perfect? No. No human is perfect. Are there mistakes? Yes. There is no human being who doesn’t make mistake. Are we on course? Yes. Are the challenges daunting? Yes. Are we going to overcome them? Yes.

I hope Nigerians remember that by the time we came, we were borrowing money to pay salaries. I hope you people remember that we are not paying money to pay salaries, we are using our money. If we are not borrowing to pay salaries, it means we are generating our own money. I hope Nigerians remember under the past government oil was at 110, 120. But when we came oil was $58. The highest that we have gotten is the mistake that happened in the last two weeks that it rose to 70 or 80 after one day it came down to 50-something, instantly.” he said

Rotimi Amaechi also lamented that corruption will bounce back if President Buhari is voted out;

“Let me tell you, if we don’t win, corruption will come back automatically, Nobody will beg it.” ” he said.

He said members of his former party, which is now the main opposition, the Peoples Democratic Party, have been “hungry” for four years because they are out of power.

“They have been out for four years and they have never been out of government before; PDP never left government, so now they are hungry. Not hungry for power, in fact if you tell them that I want to keep power and I will give you money, they will say take power and give us the money,” he said.

In the same vein, the Nigeria’s Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF) Boss Mustapha, at a rally organised by the Democratic Youth Congress (DYC) to call on President Buhari to run for a second term, disclosed that President Buhari will contest in the 2019 Presidential election because there’s no better alternative.

Representing the SGF at the rally held at Unity fountain Abuja, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Political Matters Gideon Sammani, said;

“We don’t have an alternative to President Buhari for now. He will continue. The politics of this nation is no more the politics of money or do-or-die … Anybody who wants to lead this nation must make sacrifices. Buhari has already transformed and changed the image of leadership and that of our leaders in this country both locally and internationally,” .

Mustapha stated that other aspirants who has shown interest in the presidential race has nothing t offer if given the ticket and that only President Buhari has the capability to lead this nation.

“I will present your entire message to him. I congratulate you for your support for President Buhari to run in 2019. I am glad you have named some of the aspirants who are interested in leading this nation. If you give them the ticket they will do nothing with it. They have nothing to offer to this nation.

“You and I are here because we believe in President Buhari and we know he has the capability to lead this nation. Buhari is a man with several qualities of leadership, God sent; his coming is divine, so that he will rescue this nation from the total collapse due to the destruction that has been done to the economy by the past administration. We all know that Buhari is transparent, honest.

“He has come with the change philosophy. He has lived for these to bring change to this nation. Since his military days, he stood to fight corruption, indiscipline. Many people fear him because he does not compromise corruption. And corrupt people are afraid that they will be brought to book. And those who have already looted the treasury of this nation are followed by the security agencies. By the grace of God Buhari will not relent in this fight”.




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