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Looking to keep your body FIT! You don't need to visit the Gym- Five Exercises you can do at Home

Are you looking to keep your body fit? Are you looking to maintain a fantastic physique? Are you looking to keep your body away from life threatening diseases? Then 'Exercise' is a must for you.

You don't have to visit the gym just to keep fit. A 10-20minutes exercise at home will do the trick for you.

These are five exercises you can do at home to keep your body fit.

Spot Jogging:

Spot Jogging as the name implies simply means jogging on the spot. This is a good exercise that can be done at home and keep your body fit. Spot jogging for about 10-15minutes every day goes a long way. You can also spot-jog while listening to your favorite song.

Jump Squats:

This is another exercise that can be done at home. Jump squats require you to squat down and jump up and then repeat the process continuously.

A 5-10minutes jump squat is quite ideal to keep the heart pumping and the body fit with your legs gaining steady balance with time.

The Plank [Push-Ups]:

The push-up is quite common and is a very effective exercise that keeps the body fit and increases your leg and arm strength. You lie face down and then place your arms/elbows on the floor and then lift yourself up with them.

Most people do push-ups in the wrong way; your body should be kept in a straight-line manner from your head to the ankles and then you lift up, and go down again and repeat the process for as long as you can. A total of 20-50 push-ups per day is enough to keep your body fit.


The Jack-knife is especially difficult but with time becomes easy to do. This is another exercise that can be done at home and requires placing your back flat on the ground, then stretch out the arms above your head and begin to lift your legs. Try as much as possible to extend your arms until they touch the suspended legs, lower and repeat.

Doing this for about 5-10minutes helps keep the body fit and increases flexibility in the waist area.

Hip Extension:

The hip extension exercise can be done using a dumbbell or without one. It simply entails you standing straight and extending your right leg behind while placing your toe on the floor. Lean to the front with your hips and then extend your right leg further behind. Steer your chest towards the floor and stretch out your arms to make a T. Keep your head and neck straight and return to the starting position. Repeat this for both the left and right leg for about 1-3minutes.

This helps in improving your balance as well as strengthen your upper, mid and lower back, legs and shoulders.

These are five exercises that can help keep your body fit without visiting the gym to lift a 30kg dumbbell and ride an electronic bike.


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Spot Jogging

Jump Squats

The Plank


Hip Extension

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