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Feeling a cramp in your muscle? Try these two home remedies for Muscle Cramp

‘Muscle cramp’ is a painful contraction or tightening of a muscle which occurs mostly in the legs. Muscle cramp usually lasts for seconds or worse, several minutes.

Many activities could cause you to have a muscle cramp such as exercising, sitting or standing for a long time, dehydration, intake of steroids, overuse of muscles, exposure to cold weather conditions, pregnancy as well as other medical conditions which could be kidney disease, blood flow problems and thyroid disease.

When feeling a cramp in your muscle, try these home remedies

  1. Stretch and Massage

The most common treatment for muscle cramp is to stretch and massage the affected area. Stretch the cramped muscle and rub it gently until it relaxes.


If the calf is the affected region, put your weight on the leg and bend your knee slightly or sit on the floor/chair and extend the affected leg.

If you have a front thigh cramp (Quadriceps), use a chair to maintain balance and try pulling your affected leg to towards your bottom.

If you have a back thigh cramp (Hamstring), pull your affected leg towards your head while in a straight position.


  1. Apply Heat or Cold

You can treat a cramp by applying either heat or cold. Use a warm towel or a heating pad to apply pressure to the cramped muscle, this will relieve the pain.

You could massage the affected are with ice.

Most people also take warm baths to also help relieve cramped muscle.


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