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Most guys are fanatical about having an amazing physique; strong biceps, powerful abs and chest. There are various exercises to help one achieve these features.

Most guys like to show off their six-packs (abs) to ladies in an attempt to show them how fit they are. Building your abs require commitment and core training exercises.

These training exercises require repetitions; one could do a particular exercise for 3-5minutes and jump to the next. A total of 30-45 minutes of these core exercises will get your six-packs pumping out in weeks.

Check out these exercises to help build powerful six-packs (abs) that will have ladies drooling at the mere sight of it.

Perform each of these exercises for several minutes (3-7minutes).

  1. Band-Supported Leg Lowering

Interchange between your right and left leg.



  1. Mini-band Quadruped Fire Hydrant



  1. Mini-band Pushup Walkout



  1. Mini-band Side Plank Archer Row

Interchange between your right and left sides.



  1. Mini-band Dead Bug



  1. Dumbbell Hollow-Body Chest Fly



  1. Barbell Russian Twist

Twist left, right and then pull.



  1. Mini-band Mountain Climber

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