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Pushups are one of the most common exercises we engage in. It is a common calisthenics exercise which involves you raising and lowering your body while in a prone position.

Pushups go a long way in exercising the triceps, anterior deltoids as well as the pectoral muscles.

Due to the fact that pushups are common, most guys go about it the wrong way. Pushups might look easy but doing a proper pushup is quite difficult.

There are certain mistakes guys make when doing pushups. Check out these three (3) mistakes;

  1. Hips are sagging

This is a common mistake guys make when doing pushups. We allow our hips to fall towards the floor and stress the lower back. To stop this, think about bracing your abs and squeezing them throughout the movement. This will help place your pelvis in the proper position and stop your hips from sagging.


  1. Neck is sticking out

This is another common mistake guys make when doing pushups; poking your head forward as you edge toward the ground will place unnecessary stress on your neck. Place your head behind your chest as you edge towards the ground so that your chest reaches the floor first and not your face.


  1. Proper usage of the hands

Another mistake guys make when doing pushups is placing just the palms on the ground. You have to be able to spread your fingers widely so as to grip the floor firmly. This provides stability to your shoulder and affords you balance during the pushups.


If you are looking to get your pushups right and become an expert at pushups, be sure to avoid these common mistakes guys make when doing pushups.


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