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3 Workout Techniques you should avoid at the Gym

Working out is good to keep the body in shape and can be quite difficult on its own part, however, there are also some techniques which people perform at the gym that is quite risky and could cause injuries.

Injuries such as torn meniscus, torn ACL, broken tibia and more are some of the injuries one could encounter while attempting some risky workout techniques in the gym.

Except you are probably a body builder, a power lifter or a high-level athlete, there are certain workout techniques one should avoid while working out at the gym.

Check out these three (3) workout techniques to avoid at the gym;

  1. Deep Squats

Deep squats is very risky even for wrestlers and football lineman talk less of someone who is only trying to stay in shape. For people who just hit the gym for a simple workout with no professional attachments, deep squats is a recipe for meniscus tears and knee pain because it places a significant strain on the knee ligaments, puts one's meniscus at the risk of tearing as well as places significant pressure on one's patellofemoral joint i.e. knee cap.



  1. Dead Lifts

Dead lifts is great for strengthening the hip extensors, however, it exposes one to the risk of back injury. According to study, back injuries are known to be caused by repetitive flexion activities which is synonymous to dead lifts. An alternative to dead lifts are step ups, lunges, squats and bridges. If you are looking to expose yourself to back injury, by all means, carry on with the dead lifts technique.



  1. Overhead Presses

Overhead Military Presses/Dumbbell Shoulder Press is a dangerous workout technique which should be avoided because it exposes the rotator cuff in the arms to the risk of injury. There is a potential for some impingement of our rotator cuff under our acromion anytime we lift our arms over head. It is always advisable you go for the 'Pushing and Pulling' technique if you are looking to work on your shoulder.



Working out is necessary to keep the body in shape, however, this does not mean you should put your body at risk with the workout techniques you perform. Always ensure you are careful not to over strain your body all in the name of keeping fit.

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