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Staying Fit! Best Workouts for those who can't hit the Gym

Going to the gym can be quite challenging for a lot of people owing to different reasons.

Those who enjoy staying fit but cannot visit the gym for one reason or the other do not have to worry anymore as there are certain workouts one can undergo without having to step foot in the four corners of a gym.

Author of Maximus Body, Bobby Maximus has laid out a heart-pumping and fat-melting workout technique that does not require any basic or heavy-duty equipment or even visit the gym.

Maximus says his 10-1 workout technique can be done in one spot and requires no gear;

"The 10 to 1 is one of my go-to exercises when I'm at home watching TV. It's a workout you don't need any gear for, and it's a workout you can do in one spot".

The technique requires you to start with 10 repetitions per exercise and remove one repetition per round i.e. in a descending manner (9reps, 8reps, 7reps, 6reps, 5reps, 4reps, 3reps, 2reps and 1rep). This allows you to maintain intensity even as fatigue sets in.

Check out the exercises to perform the 10-1 workout technique with;







Performing the 10-1 technique on these exercises will definitely have you staying fit even without visiting the gym or using any equipment.


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