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Ofe Owerri simply Owerri soup (soup indigenous to the people of Owerri) is one of the most expensive Nigerian soups; it is made with assorted meat, snails, dried fish and stock fish.

Once your ingredients are well prepared and ready, we bet you that your soup cooking will be made a lot easier for you.

So let’s begin:


Cow (assorted meat)


Dry fish

Stock fish head

Sliced Uziza leaves

Sliced fluted pumpkin leaves

Maggi or knorr

Cocoyam (ede)

Palm oil

Ogiri (optional).

Salt and pepper to taste

Note: You may need few spoons of ofor or achi as alternative thickener. Sometime the pounded cocoyam does not thicken the soup as desired, an additional spoon of ofor or achi would help.

Before making Ofe Owerri

  1. Wash the snails with alum or grape juice or dry garri to get rid of the slimy fluid.
  2. Blend crayfish, wash the stock fish/dry fish with water and set aside in a plate
  3. Boil the cocoa yam until it is soft then remove the back and pound with mortar and pestle until it becomes seedless.


Making Ofe Owerri

  1. Parboil the meat with maggi, salt, pepper, onions and cook until it becomes tender
  2. Add about 5-6 cups of water to the already cooked meat, add the red oil and pounded cocoa yam and allow to boil till it dissolves,
  3. Add the ground crayfish, washed stock fish/dried fish, and the washed snails.
  4. Add Maggi, salt and pepper to taste, stir, ogiri and allow dissolving, this should take about 10 minutes.
  5. Add the uziza leaves, stir and allow about 2 minutes before adding the fluted pumpkin (ugwu leaves).
  6. Allow simmering for 3-4 minutes and your soup is done.

You just prepared for yourself a delicious pot of Owerri soup (Ofe Owerri). Serve with fufu, eba, semo or even pounded yam.



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