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The festive season is here again. We decided to bring you some festive food and snacks ideas for the season.

We always go for rice dishes for our festive meals but swallow recipes are popular too especially when cooked with enough meat and fish in the soups to make them extra special for this special time of the year.

So here is a list of food you can make tis festive season

  1. Plain Rice and stew served with Beef & Chicken Stew or Vegetable Sauce and include Pepper Soup for extra effects. Popular side dishes are: Fried Plantain, Peppered Gizzards, Nigerian Stir-fry or Nigerian Moi Moi.
  2. Jollof Rice especially if you will be having a party during the festive season. Cook with Grilled Chicken and serve with: Nigerian Salad, Nigerian Moi Moi, Peppered Gizzards and other Rice Accessories.
  3. Roasted Whole Chicken: this is the No. 1 meal of the season.
  4. Egusi Soup is a very popular Nigerian Soup so if you decide to serve a fufu meal, ensure that Egusi Soup is beside it.
  5. Bitter Leaf Soup: if you want to be in the good books of an Igbo man, then serve him bitter leaf soup on a special day.


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