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Human waste discovered inside Coca-Cola cans

Human waste was last week discovered in Coca-Cola cans in a bottling factory in Lisburn, Co Antrim, Northern Ireland.

Following the discovery of faeces in the cans, Coca-Cola had been left with no choice but to suspend night-time processing.

The beverage giant said that all the affected cans have been impounded  while stating that the contamination did not affect any products that were on sale.

Meanwhile, the police service of Northern Ireland said it had opened an inquiry into how faeces came to be in the cans at the Helllenic Bottling Company factory.

“Detectives are investigating an incident at commercial premises in the Lisburn area following reports that a consignment of containers delivered to the premises had been contaminated,” said a PSNI spokesperson.

“The investigation is at an early stage and there are no further details available at this time.”

Coca-Cola said it values the safety and quality of its products and that it was taking the matter “extremely seriously”.

“We are aware of an incident involving empty cans at our plant in Knockmore Hill, Lisburn. We are treating this matter extremely seriously and are conducting a thorough investigation in co-operation with the PSNI,” said the company.

“The problem was identified immediately through our robust quality procedures and all of the product from the affected production was immediately impounded and will not be sold. This is an isolated incident and does not affect any products currently on sale.”

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