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Breakfast is not only the first meal of the day but it is also described as the best meal of the day to quite a number of people. Breakfast helps to supply energy to the body for the day's activities as well as keeps one mentally alert.

A lot of people skip breakfast for many reasons which is not ideal because its importance cannot be overemphasized. These are some of the reasons not to skip breakfast;

  1. Provides much-needed Nutrients

One of the reasons not to skip breakfast is because it is usually packed with enough nutritional benefits when taken in form of healthy foods such as cereals, oats, fruits and juices. It provides the body with nutrient and the desired energy to function for the day.


  1. Lowers the risk of heart diseases/heart attack

Eating breakfast lowers the risk of heart disease and heart attack. According to studies, eating breakfast lowers the body's risk of catching a cold/flu as well as motivates the body to stay mentally active.


  1. Keeps the body active

Eating breakfast also helps to keep the body active enough for the day's activities. It injects the body with energy to start off the day and remain active for a better part of the day.


  1. Keeps the brain mentally alert

Eating breakfast helps to increase concentration/focus. It keeps the brain at alert and always ensures you stay in a good mood for a better part of the day. The brain is able to function and stay at alert after taking Breakfast.


  1. Maintains Body Weight

Eating breakfast ensures the body weight is maintained. It helps to keep the body weight in check because there is a higher likelihood that you won't be purchasing snacks in between hours and begin to increase your body weight in the process once you take breakfast.


These are some of the reasons why breakfast remains a very important meal to have in a day. Ensure you kick your day off with a healthy breakfast and stay positive and active all day.


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