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Ekpang Nkwukwo is a special delicacy reserved for special occasions and prepared with grated cocoyam, water yam, cocoyam leaves and periwinkle.

 It is a food common to the South South Eastern Nigeria, the Cross River and Akwa Ibom States of Nigeria.

Ingredients for Ekpang Nkwukwo


Water Yam (Optional)

Palm oil: a generous quantity


A big bunch of tender cocoyam leaves

Pumpkin leaves and

Scent leaves

Blended Crayfish


Periwinkles (Shelled or unshelled)

Assorted Beef

Dried fish

Pepper & Salt to taste


Before you cook the Nigerian Ekpang Nkwukwo

  1. Cook the beefand dry fish with the seasoning till done.
  2. Peel, wash and grate the cocoyam and water yam. Mix the two together if you intend  using both and set aside.
  3. Prepare the pot by rubbing a generous amount of red palm oil on the insides of the pot.
  4. Rinse the cocoyam/pumpkin leaves and tear into medium pieces and set aside.
  5. Rinse and slice the scent leaves into tiny pieces.
  6. Wash the shelled or unshelled periwinkles.

Cooking directions for Nigerian Ekpang Nkwukwo

  1. Take a small quantity of the grated cocoyam into a piece of the torn cocoyam leaf or one pumpkin leaf. Wrap the cocoyam with the leaf and place in the pot repeating the procedure till all the grated cocoyam (and water yam) has finished.
  2. Add the pepper, crayfish, onions, shelled periwinkles and assorted beef.
  3. Add hot water to the level of the pot contents and set to cook on medium heat for 20 minutes.
  4. Add the scent leaves, enough palm oil and salt to taste.
  5. Cook for more 5 minutes and the Ekpang Nkwukwo is done.
  6. Allow for a few minutes and then stir

Your delicious Ekpang Nkwukwo is ready to be served.

Note: If you will be using unshelled periwinkles, place these at the base of the well-oiled pot.










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