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Anxiety is a feeling of unrest and unease which could either be as a result of fear, worry or even stress.

Everyone feels anxious at one point or the other in their life. Anxiety could develop into something very dangerous such as trauma if it is not handled effectively but there are ways to cope with anxiety when it comes boiling down on you and giving you those sleepless nights and crazy migraines.

Check out these five ways to deal with anxiety;

  1. Relax

Relaxation is one of the key ways to deal with anxiety. Alcohol or drugs could get you relaxed but only for a temporary period of time after which the anxiety comes rushing back to your brain and using them for anxiety issues is accompanied with dangerous side effects. However, natural relaxation such as yoga and meditations (deep breathing) are very effective against anxiety. Having a warm massage could also do the trick.


  1. Connecting with Others

When you connect with others, it is also a brilliant way to deal with anxiety. Spending time with family and friends; going out to catch some fun with them will make you feel wanted and loved. These will remind you that you aren't alone and might just do the trick against that bugging anxiety.


  1. Connecting with Nature

This is one of the ways to deal with anxiety. Basking in the beauty of nature is very exhilarating and helps to fight anxiety. Taking a long walk in the park and observing the beauty of nature or having a short drive across town to sight-see are excellent ways to connect with nature and help you fight anxiety.


  1. Sleep and Exercise

Your mind is in total chaos when you are anxious and the best way to relax your mind is to get enough sleep and carry out exercises. Doing this will help you deal with anxiety and get your mind off those bothering things.


  1. Positivity

This might sound difficult for those suffering from anxiety but trying to stay positive is a good way to deal with it. Focus on good thoughts and positivity rather than negative thoughts which will only fuel the anxiety.


When next you are suffering from anxiety, be sure to try any of these methods and stick that anxious feeling back in a bottle.

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