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Snoring can be quite annoying especially to those sleeping near people who snore. Snoring occurs when the respiratory structures in the body vibrate due to obstructed air movement while breathing when sleeping.

The resulting sound of this vibration is the sound echoed when someone snores. The sound produced might be soft and smooth in some cases or might be extremely loud and rough.

There are different causes of snoring with many experts suggesting 'Sleep Deprivation' as one of the major causes. However, there are other causes of snoring which includes;

  1. Weakness of the Throat

Most people possess very weak throats which fall in while they are sleeping causing a blockage of air movement while breathing which in turn leads to snoring.


  1. Weak Tongue

A weak tongue is also one of the causes of snoring. A weak tongue falls into your throat area causing a blockage which leads to snoring. This occurs mostly when you sleep on your back but it can also occur in other sleeping positions.


  1. Obesity

This is another cause of snoring. Obesity causes fat to gather around the throat causing a blockage of air flow in the process. Reports show that obese people tend to snore a lot.


  1. Alcohol or Drugs

This is also another cause of snoring, too much alcohol intake causes the muscles in the throat to relax and cause a blockage of air movement which in turn leads to snoring. When you consume too much alcohol or drugs, you have a higher tendency of snoring while sleeping.


  1. Sleep Deprivation

This has been characterized as one of the major causes of snoring. Lack of sleep or engaging in strenuous activities could cause you to snore when you eventually sleep.


  1. Obstruction of Nasal Passageway

When your nasal passageway is blocked, it also causes you to snore. Accumulated mucus in your nose will obstruct the appropriate flow of air when breathing, causing you to snore while sleeping.


There is no certain treatment for snoring as it is not really considered a disease or a sickness but changing your lifestyle and getting enough sleep could keep you away from snoring.

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