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One's happiness is key to one's effectiveness; staying happy keeps you alive even longer. Staying angry will do nothing but leave one depressed.

A happy life is everyone's dream but there are activities one does that may be hindering his/her happiness and at such needs to be stopped.

Check out these five activities that you engage in which may be hindering your happiness;

  1. Fitting In

Trying to fit in is one of the activities that can hinder one's happiness. When you try to feel among to your own detriment and cave into peer pressure at your own discomfort, it could leave you very unhappy. You might wear a happy facade outside meanwhile underneath you are totally unhappy because of the compromises and sacrifices you are making just to fit in. Trying to fit in will only bring short-term happiness and leave you feeling sad underneath it all


  1. Ignoring Your Passion

They say "You are best at what you love doing"; well ignoring your passion could be a hindrance to your happiness. A lot of people out there take up jobs which they hate and at such, perform very poorly in them because they are unhappy. However, following your passion is one way to stay happy.


  1. Multi-tasking

The ability to multi-task seems like a really good attribute to possess but the truth is that doing a lot of things at the same time could cause you to be unhappy because you might not be getting the same productivity as you would if you were taking it one at a time. Take babies, for instance, they are always happy because they only focus on one thing at a time. Multitasking does not afford you the opportunity to live in the moment and be happy rather it splits your mind and attention into different fragments which can be a source of unhappiness.


  1. Loneliness

Most people might feel ‘trying not to fit in’ and ‘being lonely’ are the same but far from it. Trying not to fit in means trying not to make unnecessary compromises just to feel among while loneliness means staying completely on your own. Experts reveal that lonely people are unhappy people. Being lonely is one thing that can hinder your happiness. Friends light up your life and keep you happy and at such having them around is always advised if you are to remain happy.


  1. Complaints and Worry

Too many complaints bring about an air of negativity; incessant complaints and worry are activities that hinder happiness. When you worry all the time, you stay unhappy. Instead of complaining at every little instance, you could express a little bit of gratitude for certain things.


Happiness is not a difficult feeling to obtain; one only needs to look beyond certain things that will leave them unhappy. Always remember, love is key to happiness.

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