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3 Unusual Foods that keeps your skin glowing

Everybody fancies a glowing skin; the type of skin that would get everyone talking and tripping for you. The days’ activities take its toll on our physical appearance sometimes, however, there are certain unusual food we could use to keep our skin glowing.

These foods could be taken as part of a meal or you could apply it on your skin. Check out these three unusual food to keep your skin glowing;

  1. Walnuts

Walnuts are gentle especially when crushed. Crushed walnut shells are used as mechanical exfoliants on the human skin. It keeps your skin glowing and is a perfect fit for babies’ smooth skin.



  1. Oats

Another unusual food that does a good job in keeping your glowing skin are oats. Oats have calming and moisturizing properties. They are effective against skin conditions such as eczema, irritation, irritation, inflammation and more. It does wonders for sensitive skin as well. When looking to maintain your glowing skin, oats are definitely something to use.



  1. Coconut Oil

Coconuts have amazing properties that maintains skin glow. Its natural anti-fungal properties balances the skin without clogging pores. Coconut oil when applied to the skin brings out the glow and is suitable for maintaining such a glow.



When looking to maintain a glowing skin, these are some of the unusual foods to use.

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