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Extensive breastfeeding ‘may reduce post C-section pains’

A new study by Spanish researchers says breastfeeding for an extensive period is likely to decrease the degree of pain felt by women who gave birth through caesarean section.

The researchers discovered that mothers who breastfed for at least 2 months after a C-section were nearly three times less likely to experience persistent pain compared to those who breastfed for less than two months.

Led by the Hospital Universitario Nuestra Señora de Valme in Sevilla, the research team, looked at what happened to 185 mothers who had undergone C-sections.

They were asked about pain levels around the scar in the first 24 and 72 hours after C-section, and again four months later. They were also asked whether and for how long they breastfed.

One out of every four mothers (22.8%) who breastfed for up to two months said they were still experiencing pain in the scar area four months after giving birth compared to only 8.3% of those who said they breastfed for longer than two months.

The researchers that 53.8% of mothers who breastfed said they experienced anxiety and say it is possible that anxiety during breastfeeding might influence the likelihood of pain at the surgical site four months after delivery.

Therefore less anxiety can mean less pain.

Meanwhile, the scientists advised that the results be treated with care as they are yet to be published in a peer-reviewed journal.

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