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The human teeth are used to break down items or foods to aid easy swallowing and digestion. There are four types of teeth; the canines, premolars, molars and incisors with each of them having a specific function.

Normally at birth, the teeth appear white but as we grow older and ingest certain foods, the teeth tend to start discolouring, however, this is not in all cases as most people take good care of theirs and leave it sparkling white.

Check out these six (6) foods that stain the teeth;

  1. Tea

Tea is no doubt a healthy drink, however, it may not be the ideal choice if you are looking to maintain white teeth. According to dentists, the brew especially the black variety could cause more stain to the teeth than even coffee. Also, white and herbal tea wear away the enamel (outer covering of the teeth) and cause stains as well.



  1. Sauces

Sauces are really tasty and spicy, however, deeply-coloured sauces such as curry, tomatoes and others stain the teeth. It is advisable you switch to light-colored or creamy sauces and brush your teeth after eating.



  1. Wine

Wine can also stain the teeth especially red wine. Red wine is an acidic drink known for its rich, dark red colour which is capable of discolouring the teeth. One might feel white wine do not stain the teeth, however, it contains more acid and can also discolour the teeth.



  1. Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated drinks can also cause serious stains to the teeth due to the acids and dyes present in these drinks. The chemicals that add flavour to the drinks also erodes the enamel leaving the teeth vulnerable to stain.



  1. Sweets and Candy

Sweets, candies and gums not only changes the colour of your tongue while taking them, it also stains the teeth. It is always advisable you do not take these things often.



  1. Fruits and Berries

Cherries, blueberries, pomegranates and other vibrantly colored fruits can stain the teeth. The juice made from these fruits can also stain the teeth. However, paler fruits such as white grapes and cranberries are less likely to stain the teeth but they contain acid which could erode the enamel and expose it to stain.


In order to lessen stains on your teeth, you should consider cutting back on most of these foods and drinks that stain the teeth. Also, when sipping stain-causing drinks, ensure you do so with a straw as it keeps the liquid away from your teeth.

Finally, ensure you rinse your mouth after ingesting foods or drinks that can stain the teeth.


Note: After ingesting something with acid, wait for about an hour before you brush your teeth because doing so any sooner could hurt the enamel of the teeth.

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