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The human body reacts to different issues in certain ways. It could be serious illness, stress or other hormonal imbalances whichever one, the body shows different signs when it experiences any of this.

The body shows sign of imminent illness before it breaks down. Most times we ignore these signs and allow the entire body to break down before treating the illness

Check out these five (5) signs that show the body is unhealthy and a serious sickness is imminent;

  1. Insomnia

Insomnia does more harm than good to the human body and is a sign of impending sickness. When the body begins to experience insomnia, the cortisol level rises uncontrollable due to the different response to stress in the body. Once you begin to experience insomnia more often than none, you should get yourself checked because a serious illness might just be knocking at the door.


  1. Colored Urine (Yellow - Dark Yellow)

The color of the urine is usually white, however, when the color of the urine changes, it could mean different things and one of such things is an imminent illness. The color of the urine is one of the ways to know if the body is in good shape or unhealthy and at such, it is always advisable you monitor the color of your urine.


  1. Irregular Bowel Movement

Irregular bowel movement is no doubt a sign of constipation, however, it could also mean a forthcoming illness. Normal bowel movement helps remove the toxins from the body but irregular bowel movement keeps the toxins trapped and becomes harmful. It is always advisable you get yourself checked whenever you begin experiencing irregular bowel movement.


  1. Unexplained Weight Loss

Most people go through different processes to lose weight and keep their body weight in check. However, sudden loss of weight is a sign that the body is unhealthy and might break down soon. Sudden weight loss may be linked to diabetes, cancer and other severe illness. When you notice a sudden loss of weight, it is always advisable you check yourself.


  1. Itching

Itching all over the body might be attributed to a reaction to a particular medication, side effects or a sign of imminent illness. Whenever the body begins to itch, you should definitely go for a medical checkup especially when you aren't reacting to a medication.


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