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Eating fish twice a week ‘may ease’ arthritis symptoms

A recent research has shown that eating fish at least twice a week may reduce arthritis symptoms.

Arthritis is any disorder that affects the joints. People of all ages, races and sexes can have it.

The new study shows that individuals with rheumatoid arthritis who consumed fish twice weekly had lower disease activity than those who consumed less fish.

In a bid to get a result, the researchers administered food frequency questionnaires to 176 patients, aimed at assessing their usual diet in the past one year and to determine the frequency of their fish consumption.

Fish consumption was said to have many beneficial health effects based on the findings

Lead author of the arthritis care and research study, Sara Tedeschi, suggested that fish consumption has the possibility to reduce inflammation related to arthritis disease activity.

The four major types of arthritis are inflammatory, infectious, metabolic, and degenerative with Symptoms ranging from pain, joint inflammation, and swelling, stiffness, and redness.





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