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In many cultures, the beard is a symbol of not only masculinity but consciousness as well.

Most people have the natural tendency of developing facial hair even at a very young age while most have to wait to get to a certain age before they even grow a strand of beard.

The rate at which one's facial hair grows is mostly dependent on genetics, however, there are certain ways one can try to maximize the growth rate and fullness of facial hair.

Check out these five (5) ways to grow your beard faster;

  1. Eucalyptus Cream or Moisturizer

Products containing eucalyptus does a good job in helping to grow your beard. Eucalyptus not only helps to grow facial hair, it also gives the hair a nice moisture. Apply eucalyptus cream to your face to bolster the growth of facial hair.


  1. Minerals and Vitamins (Fruits)

Incorporating more minerals and vitamins in your diet also does a good job of growing facial hair faster. Fruits and Vegetables are rich in minerals and vitamins and should be taken more often because the hair needs these vitamins and minerals to grow faster. Failure to incorporate these minerals and vitamins in your diet will see the production of your facial hair begin to slow down.


  1. Exfoliate your Skin

Exfoliating your skin is another way to grow a beard faster. Use a skin exfoliant or a scrub once in a week to remove dead cells from your skin. Removing these dead cells help to stimulate new hair growth. Applying an exfoliating mask to your face for 10-30mins before washing the mask off is also a good way to exfoliate your skin and encourage the growth of facial hair.


  1. Allow the Beard Grow

One of the major challenges that accompany growing a beard is one's impatience. When the beard begins to surface, it could get itchy thereby causing you to want to shave it off to stop the itching. However, you shouldn't cave into this craving; allow the beard grow for at least a month despite the fact that it itches you. Over time, the itching will eventually subside.


  1. Get Enough Rest

One of the ways of growing your beard faster is by getting enough rest. When you sleep, damaged skin cells are repaired thereby stimulating the growth of facial hair. Ensure you also clean your face to wash off these dead cells and create room for hair to grow.


One thing people fail to understand about facial hair is that its growth rate is different from the rate at which hair grows on the head, therefore, patience is key to growing an attractive beard.

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