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Kandibe Ejiofor shares her thoughts “Pregnancy is hard Support your wife, girlfriend, or friend through this journey”

Dr. Kandibe Ejiofor, younger sister to actor Chiwetel Ejiofor, who is expecting her first child with husband Dele, shares some pregnancy insights.

The expectant woman says men/women should support their wives, girlfriends, family member or friend during pregnancy because it is indeed a hard period to go about alone.

Taking to her social media handle, Dr. Kandibe says women make pregnancy easy but it is a difficult journey. She admonished that one should always look out for a pregnant woman on public transport- they need the seat.

She wrote

"CIJS..Pregnancy is hard. Women make it look easy because they are bosses but carrying another human being is far from easy.

From the sickness to the tiredness and discomfort.. it is Real! I've been on my feet non-stop for months and this has been the first time Ive been able to actually rest, recuperate and reflect and I deserve it! (Thank you ) I understand that until you've been through it, it's hard to fully comprehend but as a note to all you wonderful humans (girls and boys) that have a pregnant wife/girlfriend, family member or friend - be sure to support them through this journey! They need your love support and prayer - now more than ever!! (Also please always look out for a pregnant woman on public transport- they need the seat!) #womenarechampions #weallcamefromsomewhere #respectthejourney #beafriend #pregnantlife #majorkey #nextstopparenthood #nothingbutlove #nothingbutpositiveenergy #iloveemojis #canyoute.”

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