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A little weight loss will help couples speedily conceive, study says

A new study claims  that the weight of men and women matters when they are trying to conceive as opposed to former studies where it was said to be more important for women to have normal weight, the new study suggests that the weight of men is also important.

Carried out by researchers at the US national institutes of health, the new study showed that it may take a longer time for obese couples to get pregnant.

Previous studies had shown a link between female obesity and reduced odds of pregnancy in a single menstrual cycle.

An association has now been recognized between men’s increased body weight and lower sperm count, the researchers said.

The new study also paid attention to couples hoping to get pregnant (women between the ages of 18 and 40, men over age 18), not couples undergoing fertility treatment.

Measurements of body fat were taken before they conceived, and the researchers monitored each couple for of twelve months or until they conceived.

Results showed that it took couples with the highest body mass index a longer time to get pregnant compared with normal-weight couples while obese couples had to wait for much longer time to conceive.

“A little weight loss from both of them should be beneficial for a quicker time to pregnancy,” said Rajeshwari Sundaram, the study lead author.

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