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A lot of people have been stuck in the friend zone with people they are romantically attracted to. This could be because they aren't doing the right things to show that they are romantically attracted to such a person or because the person is not just into them.

However, getting stuck in the friend zone doesn't mean one can't escape but escaping the friend zone requires commitment and patience as well.

There are various tips on how to escape the friend zone. Check out these five tips;

  1. Accept you are in the Friend zone

This is the first step to getting out of the friend zone. You have to accept that you have been placed in the friend zone. Denial will only make things worse, stop making silly excuses and just accept you are now in the friend zone. Do not beg for her to give you a chance at least not yet, focus less on her and more on yourself now that you know you are in the friend zone.


  1. Define how your friends see you

This is also important if you are looking to escape the friend zone. You have to be able to define how your friends see you then you will know what you have to work on. For him/her to place you in the friend zone means they see you as just friends. Define how other friends see you, if they see you as a boyfriend/girlfriend material then know you don't have much work to do but if they see you as a counselor, parent figure or a sibling then you have much work to do.


  1. Confess your feelings

This is also key to escaping the friend zone, you might have been placed in the zone just because you couldn't own up to the affection that you feel but this can change once you confess your feelings. You shouldn't make this confession over the phone or while intoxicated but rather choose a peaceful and private face to face meeting to let them know how much you love them.


  1. Hang out with other people

Staying away from him/her is also another way to escape the friend zone. You might have been placed in the zone because you are always around him/her. This can be rectified by hanging out with other people apart from him/her. This will afford them time to miss you and might just bring forth their romantic affections for you.


  1. Flirting

This is also one of the ways of escaping from the friend zone. Flirt with them regularly, tease and compliment her. Use sensual tricks on her by touching her arms casually or her face. Do this as though it's accidental and avoid grabbing her in private and sensitive places just like her butts or boobs. This could be overstepping the line.


When next you find yourself trapped in the friend zone, be sure to incorporate any of these tips and find your escape route out of such a deadly emotional prison.

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