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Ever been so lost in thought that you wonder why you are single? All your friends are dating, telling you about how happy they are and how being in a relationship is fun.

You start to wonder what you are doing wrong, why you can't seem to keep a relationship and things like that. This can be quite depressing especially if you are the emotional type.

There are various reasons why one can remain single despite looking to be in a relationship. Check out these five reasons;

  1. Busy Schedule

A busy schedule is one of the reasons why one can remain single. You get swamped in various activities that you barely have time for women or any relationship. No doubt it is important to be ambitious and hardworking but that shouldn't deter you from having a personal life. Get a good girl and start something true and romantic with her. You don't have to spend all your time working. Remember, 'All Work and No Play, makes Jack a dull boy'.


  1. Independency

This isn't about financial independency now but most people are rather too independent that they feel they don't need anyone. This is another reason why one remains single. When you are too independent, you aren't willing to make any sacrifice or compromises and this will affect your relationship life as well.


  1. Past Relationships

One of the major reasons why you are still single is when you can't let go of your past relationship. When you let go completely, your heart learns to love again. You might be too afraid to get heart-broken again and this will cost you several good relationships you could have tried out and succeeded in them.


  1. Self-confidence

When you lack self-confidence, you tend to remain single for a long time. When you are too afraid to approach a girl and tell her exactly how you feel, you could find yourself staying single for a long time. Confidence is key to starting a successful relationship. You have to be self-confident if you want to start any relationship.


  1. Attitude

Your attitude plays a major role on your relationship status. Everyone has flaws but don't let your flaws deny your happiness. Being rude and unfriendly can make you remain single because no matter how cute or sexy you are, a bad attitude is always a turnoff. Work on your attitude if you are looking to start a relationship.


Relationships are no doubt complicated but staying single can be quite disturbing emotionally especially when all your friends are in relationships.

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