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Marriage is usually a lifetime thing; for better or worse, for richer or poorer, through thick and thin but most marriages end shortly because of 'Cheating'.

Cheating is a nasty habit that has ruined a lot of marriages and caused a lot of divorces. There are various reasons why people cheat in marriages.

We have looked at 5 reasons why married men cheat; boredom in the marriage, sexual dissatisfaction and a host of other reasons. [Read here if you missed it]

There are also various reasons why married women cheat also. Check out these five (5) reasons;

  1. The Thrill

Most married women cheat because of the thrill it affords them. They want to know what it feels like to have another man. Some call it excitement but is it worth it? When their husband lacks adventure, they tend to look for it elsewhere and hence cheat.


  1. Peer Pressure

This is another reason why married women cheat. Just because their friends are cheating on their husbands, they want to experience the same thing. It can be quite rare but it happens. Age factor comes into play in this scenario. Peer pressure forces a lot of people into doing things they aren't supposed to.


  1. Revenge

One of the reasons why married women cheat is to get back at their cheating husbands. When they find out their husbands are cheating, they feel the best way to punish them is by cheating but this does not help the marriage rather it destroys it. Instead of confronting the man, she chooses to retaliate. 'An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth'


  1. Troubled Marriage

A troubled marriage is one of the reasons why married women cheat. When the marriage is marred by constant quarrels or even brawls, it could cause the lady to seek comfort and peace in the arms of another man. This is one of the major reasons why married women cheat.


  1. Emotional Dissatisfaction

Women require immense love and affection and once they don't get it, they might be forced to look outside. Emotional dissatisfaction is one of the reasons why married women cheat. When their husbands fail to show them enough attention probably as a result of work and all; they tend to look for the attention outside.

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