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Do you intend proposing or maybe marrying soon? There are some basic things you need to be in the know before taking that bold step.

If you have found that very special person you intend spending the rest of your life with, asking her the big question of ‘Will you marry me’ should be the next thing on your mind.

But before asking her the big question, here are few things you should be aware of

You don’t need to break the bank for a ring

The thought of even proposing to a girl shows that you both have a closeness that have developed over sometime. She must be aware of your financial status and the things you can afford.

So don’t lose your sleep or run into debt to get a ring. Get something nice within your means. She’ll appreciate you as you are. Being with you means she is not bothered about that to a very large extent.

You don't have to get married right away

In as much as the period between proposal is not excessively too long, and your partner understands, then you don’t need to be reluctant to propose because you don't want to get married for a couple more months.

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