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A new relationship can be quite the charm; you both have just confessed your affections for each other and everything seems so right.

The morning calls and texts are coming in steady, 'I Love You' is being heard at the end of every conversation and the early happy moments of a relationship are being enjoyed.

However, there are certain things one could do that will ruin a new relationship and kill it right before it begins.

Check out these four (4) ways to ruin a new relationship;

  1. Talking about your Ex

This is one of the ways to ruin a new relationship. When you always talk about your 'ex', you might be giving your new partner the impression that you are still stuck on him/her and this might cost you the relationship. Your ex is your past and at such should remain there. Enjoy your new relationship without dragging your past into it.


  1. Being Possessive

Being possessive is also another way by which one could ruin a new relationship. When you are too clingy because you just started the relationship and don't want to lose him/her; you could end up eventually losing your new partner. It is advisable not to sound possessive and expect too much from a relationship that has only just begun.


  1. Important Conversations

When you avoid important conversations with your new partner, you could end up ruining the relationship. No doubt he/she is new but that doesn't mean you shouldn't discuss important things with them. It might seem like you are being pushy but far from it. This matters for a new relationship.


  1. Moving Fast

This is one of the most common ways to ruin a new relationship. When you move the relationship too fast, you could end up losing him/her. It is a very bad move when you start pushing things fast, talking about marriage and meeting the family etc. Give the relationship time before bringing up things like this. A lot of people make this mistake and end up losing the relationship before it fully kicks off.


These are some of the ways by which you could ruin a new relationship so you should try as much as possible to avoid them.


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