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4 ways social media can affect your relationship

Over the past decade, social media has no doubt become the order of the day with practically all age groups joining the moving train.

There are various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, Whatsapp, Instagram and a host of others. Most people are so into these social media platforms that they can't do without them.

Social media plays its own part in building a relationship as most lovers will tell you 'they met on social media'. However, it can also affect a relationship adversely.

Check out these four (4) ways social media can affect your relationship;

  1. Unrealistic Relationship Standards

This is one of the ways social media can affect your relationship. When you see other relationships on social media and how fun and beautiful they are; you start to wonder why yours isn't like that and begin to set unrealistic relationship standards. What most people fail to understand is that people will only show what they want the public to see on social media; following them will only drive you to ruin your relationship. You might notice a girl put up some nice clothes on social media and post something like 'My boyfriend got me this' and then you check yourself out and realize your boyfriend doesn't get you beautiful clothes like that. Then you choose to start demanding more and giving attitude if he can't deliver, thus, ruining your once lovely relationship.


  1. Insecurity

Social media create a lot of insecurity issues in relationships. This is one of the ways social media can affect a relationship. Due to the fact that you and your partner are on social media, it could cause either of you to feel insecure and check each other's social media handle for any signs of infidelity. This is one very big problem social media brings to a relationship.


  1. Cheating

This is also another way through which social media affects a relationship. Social media platforms make it easier to cheat. They afford you room to cheat because they link you up with different people. You are on a social media platform and suddenly a beautiful damsel adds you up and begins to chat you up. She's way finer than your girlfriend and is seriously flirting with you. Most guys will fall instantly and this could ruin their relationship if caught.


  1. Relationship Updates

The need to update your relationship status and partner is also another way social media affects a relationship. Most partners always want you to put them up on social media and update your relationship status to show that you are already taken. This goes wrong when you eventually breakup with such a person. You begin to get calls and texts from friends about him/her. Reminders from left and right about someone you are desperately trying to forget.


It is always advisable to try and keep your relationship away from social media as it could end up ruining such a relationship.

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