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Breaking up can be quite difficult especially with someone you truly love but there are certain times when you have to take that bold step and call it quits because it clearly isn't working anymore.

You might feel distraught about doing this but it is far better than living in a 'lie' you call a relationship.

There are certain signs that show you it is time to end the relationship. Check out these four (4) signs;

  1. Quarrel over everything

Quarrels are normal in every relationship but when the quarrels become incessant and unnecessary, it is a clear sign you should consider breaking up with your partner. Not a single day goes by without you guys quarreling even over the smallest things. Take a quick study and realize that things aren't moving smooth anymore so you can let go before it becomes too late.


  1. Constant Jealousy

Being jealous is not a bad thing because it shows you love your partner. However, when the jealousy becomes constant and uncontrollable, it could be a sign telling you to call it quits. You notice that you are always suspicious of your partner and never sure of his/her loyalty. Being in a relationship ruled by jealousy can be quite damaging to your emotional wellbeing because your heart is never at rest over your partner.


  1. No more respect

Respect is of utmost importance in any relationship and once it is lost, the relationship is practically over. Once you notice that the respect in your relationship is lost, it is a clear sign you should consider breaking up.


  1. Divided Attention

When the relationship is marred by lack of attention from one or both partners then you should consider calling it quits. When you notice that you enjoy spending time with friends rather than with your partner, it is a clear sign that you should consider breaking up.


When you notice any of these signs, you should seriously consider where your relationship is headed because it just might be a stone throw away from ending.

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