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Most guys are experts when it comes to seducing ladies but some are just helpless around ladies.

In order for one to seduce a girl, one requires a particular level of self-confidence. If you lack self-confidence, seducing a girl might be quite difficult for you but not entirely impossible.

Most guys are blessed with attributes that make them attractive to girls and ultimately makes seducing girls easier. For those who aren't blessed with these attributes, there are several ways you could seduce a girl.

Check out these five (5) ways to seduce a girl;

  1. Be Likeable

You have to be likeable if you want to seduce a girl. Make moves that will make her attracted to you. As you converse with her, get to know more about her and what she likes. Talk to her frequently and try to hang out with her more often. As you do this, you can actually tell if she is beginning to like you or shying away from you. For you to be likeable, you have to be interesting. If you are boring, she could start avoiding you or responding to you later than expected.


  1. Get Active at Night

Call her at nights, when she is about to sleep or about to have her bath. Text her late into the night, ask her what she is wearing, tease her by asking her if she'd like you to come over and lay next to her. Don't do this with someone who doesn't like you because you just might end up getting the insult of your life.


  1. Get into her comfort zone

Get into her comfort zone by sitting very close to her and pretending like you aren't sitting that close. Get into her personal space by touching her while you speak. If she doesn't complain about it, keep it going but at a slow and steady pace. Hug her for longer periods whenever the opportunity arises.


  1. Dirty Conversations

For the seduction process to be complete, you need to build a dirty conversation with her. You could start by asking her something innocent which you are certain will definitely lead to a dirty conversation. If this works out fine, you could be having phone sex with each other in no time.


  1. Ask her out

After all the seduction and flirting has worked. It is time to pop the question and ask her out in person. Tell her you are romantically attached to her and want to date her. After all the flirting and seducing there is an 80% chance she will accept your request.


If you are looking to seduce a girl, be sure to follow these methods and get yourself a girl in no time.


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