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For Women! 5 Things only a Guy who is 'Crazy in Love' with you does

A loving relationship can be quite the thrill ride filled with lots of romance, fun and good moments.

The problem with most relationships these days is that people fall out of love easily, making one feel there is no genuine love out there anymore.

The truth is that there are actually people in happy relationships filled with so much love that even a quarrel seems like a child's play and doesn't last the day.

Most women complain about men being scums and how they can't keep a relationship. On the other hand, men also complain about women falling out of love easily due to constant pressure from other men.

For women, not all men are scums as there are men out there who still love genuinely and treat their partners with so much love that butterflies fly the full length of their bellies.

There are certain things only a man who is 'crazy in love' with you does. So ladies, when you find such a man be sure to do your best to keep him.

Check out these five things only a guy who loves you like crazy does;

  1. Conversations

When a man is crazy in love with you, he could listen to you talk forever and never get tired. You notice that he pays maximum attention to you and engage in deep conversations with you about practically anything. So when you find such a man, make sure you hold on to him because he is truly crazy in love with you.


  1. The Little Things

The little things matter in a relationship and the reason why most relationships fail is because with time, the little things stop to matter. This is different for a man who is 'crazy in love' with you because for him, the little things will always matter. You notice that he remembers even the smallest of things, pays attention to the littlest things and does those little things to always make you happy.


  1. Effort

As time goes on in most relationships, the efforts made at the start of the relationship begin to fade away, causing the relationship to lose its spark. However, when a man continues to make extra commitments, extra sacrifices and extra efforts in order for the relationship to thrive, he is no doubt crazy in love with you. You notice that he will effortlessly give his all in the relationship.


  1. Happiness

When a man makes it habitual to constantly keep you happy, go the extra mile just to ensure your happiness; then he is no doubt 'crazy in love with you. Happiness is key to the success of a relationship and when you find a man who goes all out just to make you happy; keep him.


  1. Trust

One of the things a guy who is 'crazy in love' with you does is to trust you completely. You don't find him snooping around your phone or questioning your loyalty. He respects your privacy and trusts you enough not to doubt your love for him.


Ladies, these are some of the things a guy who is crazily in love with you does. So whenever you see a man who does all these (and yes they exist), be sure not to mess up the relationship with your own hands because a guy like this is rare.

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