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Here are some disadvantages of taking weeds you will not want to be associated with.

It Impacts Short-Term Memory

Smokers get a bad reputation for being forgetful with their brains looking similar to brains damaged by schizophrenia. (this does not mean that smoking weed causes schizophrenia.)

It Can Damage Blood Vessels

Both first degree smoking and Second hand smoke is bad for your blood vessels.

It May Increase Testicular Cancer Risk

Researchers at the University of Southern California found out that weed smoking may increase your odds of getting testicular cancer although more researches needs to be done to found out if there is any relationship between weed and cancer.

 It Hinders Creativity

A study from the Netherlands seems to prove otherwise the myth that says Artists, musicians, and other creative types sometimes need marijuana as their source of inspiration.

It Could Destroy Brain Cells

Smoking weed could decrease your cognitive function with an increased risk of psychotic symptoms and disorders.

It Could Make You Poor and Socially Inept

Anyone who plans to be successful should do well to lay off weed because cannabis users are liable to have more financial troubles, antisocial behaviour at work, and experienced more relationship problems.

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