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What to do if you are in a plane that is about to crash in minutes

Plane crash is not a good thing to wish for oneself but one is expected to plan for unforeseen circumstances especially when it seems you are seeing your own death.

There are still things we can do to help savage the situation and be alive.

Here are some of those things you can do when you are in a plane that is about to crash in few minutes time

  1. Remove any sharp object from your pockets. Loosen your seat belt, remove your tie or scarf. Take off high heeled shoes. Take off anything glass for landing so they don't fly off
  2. Find out about the exit point nearest to you and a backup for the type of landing. some exits can't be used in water landings. Count the number of rows to those exits while you try to identify any projections that you might use to find them if the cabin is full of smoke.
  3. Do not leave your seat until when instructed to do so. Never open a door or window exit without direct instructions from a flight attendant.
  4. Have a piece of damp cloth to assist in breathing in case there is smoke and remember to stay as low as possible If there is smoke during evacuation.
  5. Make sure to follow the instructions of the flight attendants in their pre-landing briefing. If everyone listens and understand what is expected of them, then there will be little or no casualties
  6. This is not the time to take video with your camera. LISTEN and PAY SERIOUS ATTENTION. It's cool if you survive with a video. If you die because you were more interested in taking a video than paying attention, it's not so cool.
  7. If it’s a water landing, then DO NOT inflate your life-vest until you are actually at the doorway. If you do and the aircraft fills with water, you will get trapped on the ceiling and not be able to swim underwater to get out the exit. If this happens, get out of your life-vest to be able to swim out and hang onto someone once out. Life-vests easily float 2 people.
  8. After exiting the aircraft, move far away towards the wind so that smoke and fire also move away from you. Don’t lie down in tall grass. Do not completely leave the area so that you can be accounted for.

As stated earlier, most catastrophic crashes are not predicted so it is unusual to get much advance notice. In those cases, if you survive, follow the flight attendants' directions and don't take anything with you.

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