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Zimbabwean Army Chief who helped remove Mugabe sworn in as VP

The Zimbabwean Army Chief who helped remove the former president, Robert Mugabe has been sworn in as Vice President.

General Constantino Chiwenga, the Zimbabwean Army Chief who led the military takeover that saw the end of Robert Mugabe‘s 37-year rule, has been sworn in as one of 2 Vice Presidents, News24 reports.

Chiwenga who retired from the military just last week, took the oath of office while promising to be “faithful” and to “obey, uphold and defend the constitution".

According to him:

“I will discharge my duties with all my strength and to the best of my knowledge and ability".

Also, Kembo Mohadi, a long-serving minister, was installed as the second Vice President as the two are expected to serve under former Vice President, Emmerson Mnangagwa who is now the country’s President.

Emmerson Mnangagwa was sworn in as the country’s president in a ceremony at a packed stadium in the country’s capital, Harare in November, 2017. [Read here if you missed it]

His swearing-in came after the dramatic departure of Robert Mugabe after 37 years of authoritarian rule.


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