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Southern Kaduna Killings: 'Injustice and Impunity will not triumph'- Senate President

The Senate President, ‘Bukola Saraki’ has waded in on the killings in Southern Kaduna, stating that the upper legislative chamber will ensure that this injustice and impunity will not triumph.

Saraki made this statement during the opening session of the Senate, adding that the killings would be investigated.

Saraki said;

"My dear colleagues, while we have our attention on the economy and are working with sweat on our brows to improve it for the betterment of our people, we cannot lose sight of the callous and growing circle of violence across the country, especially now in southern Kaduna".

"We condemn in totality to depravity being exhibited on the streets of Kafanchan. This Senate will not pay lip service to it neither will it sit idly by and watch innocent Nigerians being slaughtered on the basis of their religion, ethnic group or political persuasion. No, we will not stand aloof".

"Let me, therefore; use this opportunity to call on the leadership in the state to use its authority and constitutional mandate to bring to an immediate halt the growing orgy of violence that has enveloped Southern Kaduna. This new theater of conflict is one too many and must be nipped in the bud".

"Thankfully, a motion to this effect is already before us. We will ensure a thorough investigation is carried out to unravel the issues and advice government appropriately on the matter in order to ensure that all those found culpable are severely dealt with irrespective of who may be behind them".

"This will ensure there is no repeat of this madness and assure the people of Kaduna that injustice and impunity will not be allowed to triumph over our collective will to maintain our national unity and coherence".

Before the opening session of the senate, Bukola Saraki promised the Senate would investigate the killings as soon as it resumed.

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