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NDLEA seizes the ‘most dangerous’ Indian Hemp specie in Adamawa

Officers of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) Adamawa command has arrested Four suspects with 25.6 kilograms of an illicit substance believed to be Cannabis Skunk in Yola, Adamawa

The command confirmed the seizure of 25.6 kilograms of an illicit substance believed to be Cannabis Skunk in Yola, Adamawa.

The big seizure and arrest was successfully carried out on the 19th of January.

The State Commander of the Agency, Yakubu Kibo, who confirmed the development to journalists in Yola, said that four suspects were arrested in connection to the alleged offence.

Mr. Kibo said the illicit substance which was compressed in 24 pallets was seized by the agency’s Special Operative Officers along Yola-Numan Highway, in a luxury bus coming from Lagos to Yola.

The commander further stated that,

“On Friday, Jan. 19, the Command arrested four suspects and made seizure of 708.2 kilograms of assorted illicit substances which included 25.6 kg of Cannabis Skunk compressed in 24 pallets.

“The Cannabis Skunk is the most dangerous species of Indian hemp plant, mostly found in some foreign countries.

“The specie ‘is much potent’ than the popular and conventional Indian hemp found in Nigeria. It is four times stronger with devastating mental consequences for users,’’

He expressed concern over the increasing use of commercial vehicles in trafficking drugs, pointing out that since the beginning of 2018, 10 commercial vehicles have been impounded in connection to drugs offenses by the command.

“Another disturbing trend is the increasing number of women in drug trafficking into the state as presently two women are in our custody in connection with drug trafficking,” he explained.

He however, urged parents to closely monitor their children and guide them against the ugly trade while he beckoned on owners of private and commercial vehicles not to entrust their vehicles to people of questionable characters.

Mr. Kibo said that any vehicle found in conveying or concealing illicit substances stands the risk of being forfeited to the federal government and owners risk jail term.




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