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Senate throws out Bill advocating for Skirts and Hijabs for Corps Members

A bill proposing to allow female corps members wear skirts and hijabs in accordance to their faith has been rejected by the Senate.

The bill, sponsored by a senator representing Taraba South district, Emmanuel Bwacha, sought to allow female members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) wear skirts if the trousers prescribed offends their faith.

Bwacha said the bill is aimed to “ensure that regulations made by the NYSC directorate prescribing uniforms and exercise regimen do not violate the religious practices and beliefs of corps members.”

However, the bill was however quickly shut down by members of the senate.

Deputy Minority Whip, Biodun Olujimi, asked why religion was being considered in the adoption of a dress code for the scheme, while Sam Egwu said the bill was a waste of time.

He said:

“We should not waste our time on an issue that we have no constitutional right to amend. This is a paramilitary organisation and that is why drilling and exercise are contained. We have major issues to discuss. If we want to talk about NYSC, it is not uniform; that is a minute issue that we should not waste our energy on.”


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