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Lady arrested while using a bridge shut down because of Buhari

A lady has allegedly been arrested after she used a bridge that was shut down in Lagos because of the presence of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Nigerians were made to stand under the scorching sun and were also not allowed to use Pedestrian bridges as the President tours the state.

Buhari is currently in Lagos for a 2-day visit to the state and in preparation for the presidential visit, the state was set on lock-down as major roads across the metropolis were either blocked or diverted.

Reports from an undisclosed location in the state revealed that a young lady made an attempt to use a pedestrian bridge that was reportedly shut down and she was immediately arrested by the security operatives on stand-by for disobeying the order.

Witnesses at the scene report that the lady was beaten by the policemen and also arrested alongside with one other man who tried to help her – to the shock of other bystanders.

However, residents of  Lagos had a hard time commuting round the city earlier today as transporters also took advantage of the situation by hyping their transport fares to major locations across the states.

Some of the passengers were seen walking and pushing their luggage to the Airport in a desperate bid to avoid missing their flights.

Also, all roads leading to the Airport were blocked as early as 5 am with security operatives taking positions at specific points to ensure that commuters comply with the restrictive order given by the Lagos state government.

A passenger who expressed his discomfort with the arrangements said that it was too early to block the roads as the blockage might make him miss his flight.

A security operative however  explained  that the road blockages were done for security reasons and to ensure that the President gets easy and smooth access to places he was scheduled to visit in Lagos.

The President Buhari arrived Lagos around noon and his first destination was the Ikeja Bus Terminal, where he commissioned the newly completed project by the Lagos State government before he proceeded to the Eko Convention centre, Victoria Island to attend and chair the Colloquium to mark the 66th birthday of APC national leader and former governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.



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