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7 killed in fresh Herdsmen attack in Benue Church

Not less than half a dozen people has been killed in the early hours of today, in a fresh Fulani herdsmen attack on a church in Logo Local Government Area of Benue State.

Daily Post reports that the herdsmen were said to have stormed Mbamondo clan around 12.20am and attacked some displaced persons who had taken refuge at an African Church in the area and killed seven of them.

Chairman to the council, Richard Nyajo, who spoke to newsmen also revealed that many houses were also said to have been burnt down during the attack.

A resident of the community, who gave his name as Umishi told reporters that among those killed were: Festus Terdue Aguda, Mama Doom Uhule Oragbai, Shiaondo Tamen Tordue,TamenIorbume Shima, Mr Suur and several others.

The killings follows just few days after some herdsmen stormed stormed St. Ignatius’ Catholic Church, Ayar in Benue state, killing two priests and over 17 worshippers at the same time.

The priest and the worshippers were reportedly praying against the killing by the Herdsmen at the time they were attacked.

According to Jude Ortese, a priest and chancellor of the Catholic Diocese of Makurdi:

“The two priests will be buried with their worshippers and this is significant because they were praying together and seeking lasting solution to the unending killings, which had become a recurring decimal,” he said.

Ortese further stated that the 19 victims will be buried at Susugh Maria Pilgrimage Centre, Ayati, Ikpayongo, Gwer east local government area of the state.

Meanwhile, the Ekiti State, Governor Ayodele Fayode had also blasted the President Muhammadu Buhari and the Presidency over their in-sensitivities to the killing taking place in Benue State:

He wrote

”A government that is not concerned about the killing of 18 Catholic worhipers, including two priests but running after perceived political opponents will surely come to an inglorious end one day.

”It is alarming and curious that Father Joseph Gor, one of the Catholic Priests that were murdered in Benue State yesterday, raised alarm on January 3, 2018, through his Facebook account on the occupation of Mbalom community by herdsmen. Yet, the priest was killed!”



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