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Defence Headquarters alerts Nigerians –‘Boko Haram members now disguise as menial workers’

A statement has been released by the Defence Headquarters alerting Nigerians of the new tactics Boko Haram members now employ.

The stamen which was signed by Brigadier General Rabe Abubakar, the Defence Director of Information stated that the sect members, mostly those that have been kicked out of Sambisa forest, have ended up disguising as menial workers to carry out their attacks.

Read the full statement  here

"The Defence Headquarters wishes to alert members of the public of another antic being employed by the escaping Boko Haram terrorists that were smoked out of Sambisa forest by the combined efforts of the Nigerian Armed Forces. Available information indicates that some fleeing Boko Haram terrorists are now disguising as menial workers to melt into communities and towns with a view to organising terrorists attack against our innocent citizens. The unfortunate recent incidents in Madagali and Maiduguri are instructive. The Defence Headquarters therefore advises citizens to be on the alert and be wary of these tricks of the defeated terrorists who are hell-bent on remaining relevant inspite of their lost battle. This sensitisation becomes necessary now to create security awareness to our citizens to be conscious of some strange faces that could take menial jobs in their communities or towns, especially now that festivities are around the corner”.

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