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15-year-old cancer patient sings Ave Maria to Pope Francis- very touching

It was the day of love - as well as Francis got the surprise of a Valentine.

In his last formal appointment of his second full-day in Mexico, a pediatric clinic was seen with by Francis where he dished medicine outside as well as kissed heaps of sick children.

At one especially moving moment, a young patient in the cancer keep performed a lovely acapella version of Ave Maria for him, delivering the room to tears.

The girl was identified by the Catholic Information Agency as 15-year old Alexia Garduno, who is suffering from osteosarcoma.

And one admirer, who had been wheelchair-restricted - offered a handmade card to Francis using a large heart on the entrance and was particularly charmed by the visit that was holy.

Francis asked: ' this was produced by You? Gracias.'

His visit to the Federico Gomez hospital was certainly well- but others maintained to rise from their wheelchairs to adopt him received with some posing for selfies.

The pontiff used the service a tough Mexico City suburb, in Ecatepec, to contact on two major themes of his visit - the plight of migrants along with drug violence.

The pope makes a point of stopping during his trips that are foreign at children's hospitals, equally to see with the youngsters for taking care of them, and also to thank the employees. While parts of the confrontations are televised, Francis additionally visits bed ridden patients in private for more individual confrontations.

But despite his warmth towards their employees as well as the ill patients, a powerful message was delivered by the Pope to the country yet again.

Well done Pope Francis and God Bless you!!!

He urged his troop to turn the nation into a 'land of opportunity,' where 'there will not be any need to emigrate to be able to dream' and where they may 'not have to grieve guys as well as women, youths and children who are ruined at the hands of the merchants of dying.'

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