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Painting of Donald Trump kissing Pope Francis found in Rome (Photos)

A life-sized mural that shows Donald Trump kissing Pope Francis on the lips has appeared on a wall near the Vatican in Rome.

In the painting, the pontiff was seen with a halo around his head while the American president sports devilish horns, was created in Rome on Thursday with the caption on the sash of the pope's cassock  which reads 'the good forgives the evil.'

The painting comes less than a fortnight before the pair are due to meet - is signed 'TVBoy,' who is believed to be Italian street artist Salvatore Benintende.

The mural, which was painted on paper and pasted on to the wall during the night, was the latest work by street artists depicting the pope to appear in Rome in recent months.

This one shows Francis, wearing a simple crucifix around his neck while he embraced Trump, who wears a gold watch and sports a pistol in a holster.

The pope's halo is the same bright yellow colour as Trump's hair with the two are locked in a mouth-to-mouth kiss.

The painting was pasted on a wall on a street named 'Way of the Bank of Holy Spirit' across the Tiber River from the Vatican.

Francis and Trump are due to meet at the Vatican on May 24 as the president tours Saudi Arabia, Israel, Italy and Belgium.











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