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Pope Francis accused of spreading heretical doctrine

Not fewer than 60 Roman Catholic theologians, priests and academics have accused Pope Francis of spreading heresy.

The group sent a filial correction to the pope and outlined seven heresies they believe he has spread.

The alleged heresies all relate to the Pope’s stance on divorce especially after he issued a document in 2016 which made it possible for divorced and civilly remarried Catholics to participate in Holy Communion.

That’s a major turnaround for the Catholic Church which traditionally views divorce as impossible. But Francis has been leaning that way for a while.

In 2015, he said the church needs to be more welcoming toward divorced people and his views on divorce, remarriage and the Eucharist is also a major break from past popes.

Both Pope Benedict XVI and Pope John Paul II’s statements on divorce were in line with the traditional Catholic view.

Since Francis’ 2016 statement, some individual Catholic churches have implemented communion for divorced people in different ways.

And the pope has tried to clarify his stance at the request of priests worldwide, insisting that keeping mercy in mind is more important than the traditional legalistic views of the church.

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