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Charismatic Renewal General Overseer reveals that Nigerian Govt. borrowed his change initiative idea and has to pay royalties

Dr Cosmos Ilechukwu, the general overseer of the Charismatic Renewal of Nigeria says that Nigerian Government borrowed his change initiative idea and has to pay royalties to him

Dr Cosmos Ilechukwu while preaching on Sunday October 30th during the 2016 The Change We Need Nigeria held in Abuja claimed that the change initiative launched by the presidency on 8th September 2016 was borrowed from him and as such the government needs to pay him royalties.

He said:

“We started this campaign way back in 2009. Actually, the government should pay royalty to us. Since 2009, we have been talking about this change all the while. I’m believer in the possibility of Nigeria changing. I’m committed to it. I have been on it before this government began to talk about it because I have seen the beauty of this country in the future,”

He also prophesied that in as much Nigeria is going through economic recession, Nigeria will soon become a great nation where Americans as well as Britons will flood Nigeria in search of visas.

He lastly urged Nigerians to pray for the political leaders and also for the country.


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