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UFC Fighter, Conor Mcgregor bags Boxing License as possible fight with Mayweather edges closer

It appears we might be seeing the fight of the century if indeed it does happen as UFC fighter, Conor Mcgregor was recently granted a boxing license in view of a possible fight with boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather.

The license was given to him by the ‘California State Athletic Commission’, affording him the right to box in the United States.

Mcgregor's trainer, ‘John Kavanagh’ revealed he would not be surprised if the match eventually took place.

He said;

"Is it getting any closer? I don't know, but it certainly wouldn't surprise me that it's going to happen".

CEO Mayweather Promotions, Leonard Ellerbe was quick to dismiss the chances of the fight happening, stating that Mcgregor was under the contract of UFC.

Ellerbe said;

"He got a boxing license. Congratulations to him. Conor McGregor can say anything he wants to, but he has a boss and his name is [UFC president] Dana White".

The UFC Champion has revealed he will fight Mayweather for the sum of $100m dollars whereas the boxing champion has played down the chances of the fight happening.

Boxing pundit, ‘Steve Bunce’ while speaking on a possible match between Conor Mcgregor and Floyd Mayweather stated that Mcgregor would not be able to lay a hand on Mayweather or any other welterweight boxers out there.

According to Steve Bunce, Mcgregor will not survive against boxers because his feet movement is terrible.

We are yet to see if indeed this match will take place but if eventually, it does, it would no doubt be the match of the century.

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  • hhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm....................... it will really be a fight of the century.................. please let them fight.............!!!!!

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